伝説の英国ガレージ・バンド、ベターデイズの全音源を収録したアンソロジー。高値で取引されている1965年の唯一のシングル「Don't Want That」やアセテート音源、1964年のライブ音源、90年代の再結成アルバムなどを2枚に収録

  • Disc11. Don’t Want That (single version)2. Here ‘Tis (single version)3. Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth4. Cracking Up5. Here ‘Tis (practice version)6. Honey What’s Wrong?7. Don’t Want That (demo version)8. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby9. I Wanna Be Loved*10. Parchman Farm11. Dimples*12. Who Do You Love*13. Walkin’ The Boogie14. Roadrunner15. I Was Fooled16. Howling For My Baby (fast version) 17. Working Man18. I Ain’t Got You19. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover20. I’m Looking For A Woman21. Keep Your Hands Off My Woman 22. Got Love If You Want It*23. I Was Fooled24. Bright Lights, Big City1-2 Single, Polydor BM 56024, releasedSeptember 1965 3-5 Not originally released, recorded October 6-7 Not originally released, recorded February8, 10, 13 Not originally released, recorded live at the Quay Club, circa August 1964 9, 11, 12 Previously unreleased, recorded live at the Quay Club, circa August 1964 14-15 Not originally released, recorded live 1990 16-21 From the album No Concessions, Aftermath NAFT 1001, released 1994 22 Previously unreleased, recorded 1992 23-24 From the vinyl version of the albumBacklash, NTB Records 1003 □ recorded early 1990s, released 2017Disc21. Cracking Up2. I Can Tell3. Goin’ Upside Your Head4. Raining In My Heart5. Route 666. Working Man7. Don’t Start Me To Talking8. I Wish You Would9. Don’t Lie To Me10. Howling For My Baby11. Baby What You Want Me To Do12. Boom Boom13. Help Me14. High Heel Sneakers15. Pretty Thing16. Two Fifty-Three17. Hello Josephine18. Walking The Boogie19. Just A Little Bit20. Treat Her Right21. I Know It’s A Sin22. Too Much Monkey Business23. I’m Too Poor To Die24. Road Runner1-24 The album Backlash, NTB Records CD 1004 □ recorded early 1990s, released 2017